Mobile Power Pack

The “Mobile Power Pack” division performs a complete and continuous performance to monitor all electronic products, in addition to the access point of this global company in the field of technology and information, and to monitor products with prices and notes.

A battery charger, or recharger, is a device used to put power into a secondary cell or, a typical smart charger that quickly charges a battery up to about 85% of that, a pedal charger for cell phones, in offices has been established.

Mobile Power Pack are used to provide portable power to charge the battery … they can be charged with a USB charger when power is available, then used to charge, but devices of lower quality may hold a useful charge for about a month.





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APC Mobile Power Pack, 10000mAh Li-Polymer, M10BK

APC Mobile Power Pack, 10000mAh Li-Polymer, M10BK

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