“PS5 SSD” .. getting the best in 2021

Even though the PS5 internal SSDs haven’t gotten the seal of approval yet, there are still some good options to consider. 

An interesting situation. It always was, with a PS5 SSD dedicated to the console, and a somewhat odd capacity of 825GB, at the time). However, its benefits are already clear to those lucky enough to purchase a PS5. In fact, SSDs are clearly now the way forward.

What if I want to upgrade my PS5 SSD? We’ve already seen the slot in the PS5 that will house an additional NV Me SSD, so it’s clear that gamers will be able to boost their system’s internal memory soon. But we’d be damned if we knew what extra SSDs are. Sony has yet to provide any approval stamps or publish a list of certified SSDs from the likes of Samsung, Crucial, or WD, so it’s important to remember that you can’t upgrade your internal PS5 SSD yet.

Because there have been a few false starts (even though WD initially stated that its SN850 drive would be compatible, it later retracted the statement), it’s safer to wait until we have solid confirmation one way or another. The SN850 is still likely to be the best bet in the long run, for example, but as Mark Cerny himself said, you’re better to wait until such a list is revealed so we can make a safe decision.

Nonetheless, if you’re keen to get a PS5 SSD now, there are some obvious candidates that are worth a go. We’ve outlined these in this guide. Again, just have a backup plan in case you want to swap it out later. Maybe you’ll have one of the best gaming PCs to put it into down the line, for instance.

Want to play it safe, on the other hand? We know that PS5 external hard drives are a great option along with PS4 external hard drives, and we’ve rounded up a list of some below.

Best PS5 SSDS – External Options  

There are plenty of great external PS5 SSD options right now, and if you end an external drive for PS5 – or anything else for that matter – then it’s hard not to recommend going the SSD route now even if it’s a few more beans.

However. It is very important to note that these are at their most useful as PS5 SSDs when considering your games library. That is because you can only play PS4 games from an external hard drive currently on the PS5. As things stand, you cannot install PS5 games on your external drive. This is a little annoying but given the quality of the PS4 back catalogue and the fact that this will probably (probably) be changed with an update down the line, it’s certainly a state of affairs we can live with right now. And still, means that an SSD will still outperform an HDD when providing this service.

"PS5 SSD" .. getting the best in 2021 

Samsung SSD T5

A great SSD one of the biggest names in storage

Highly reliable, fast, and versatile – great for computers, too
The Samsung T5 is our recommendation for the best PS4 SSD, and it maintains this place as the external drive for the best PS5 SSD. This is a drive that prioritizes quality in performance and reliability, and it demonstrates this by offering read and write speeds of up to 540MB / s.

In its design and construction, the Samsung T5 is compact, durable, and elegant. Its durability (coupled with a case) makes it perfect to carry around if you’re shuttling between places we’re playing – at least, it will be when we can do it again. Plus, it’s much smaller than you might think in the size of a smartphone.

The only brow lifting factor T5 brings is that it is an excellent product, and this is often reflected in its price. Thankfully, we’re still seeing regular deals and discounts on it.

And hey, paying the price to own one of the best PS5 SSDs in the terminal arsenal is well worth it. In fact, an SSD that prioritizes speed and performance is what you want and you’ll get a lot of it here. With the advancement of PS5 external hard drives it’s almost easy to think about.

"PS5 SSD" .. getting the best in 2021

SanDisk Extreme Portable

Best Durable, Accident-Proof PS4 SSD 

Very durable, great speeds, neat and tidy design  

If you’re looking for the best PS5 SSD protection to keep that drive safe (and why not?), SanDisk Extreme Portable is a solid contender.

This will be able to withstand any kind of accidents and is the perfect competitor for those of us who are prone to accidents, or who would rather be sure of the protection our devices have. Proven to be IP-55 water and dust resistant, it has a shockproof core for added durability.

It works well, too, offering sweet and easy SSD performance and speed despite the protective case, with its speeds challenging the likes of the Samsung T5. And it’s really compact, with a decent size in your pocket.

Safety and durability come at a higher price although it adds more to the drive price, but it’s definitely worth it when you consider all things. Excellent SSD protection and durability. And if you want some extra reassurance, you can even opt for the Extreme Pro variant – but be prepared to see the cost skyrocket.

"PS5 SSD" .. getting the best in 2021

WD My Passport SSD

A top PS5 SSD option from a proven name

Great writing is a good value for a versatile solid state drive – great for computers, too

If you have half an eye on versatility and multi-platform usage on the road, the WD My Passport SSD is a good offer – and of course, it’s a great PS5 SSD in its own right, coming from certified manufacturers for quality modules. The My Passport SSD will offer write speeds of around 300Mbps and read speeds of 390Mbps – much faster than its HDD sibling, My Passport, which can provide more capacity for your money but only offers read and write speeds of 120-130 Mbps .

Although this plays an excellent role as an external SSD for PC, it is worth noting that if you want to do this, you will have to reformat it every time you want to use it as an SSD for your console or PC. Unfortunately, they cannot be both at the same time. However, the dimensions of the My Passport SSD for PC provide some flexibility and add some versatility to this drive. For example, it’s compatible with All The USBs, including being USB-C ready, and it has an automatic backup system, easy-to-use password protection, and dual hardware encryption security.

Overall, this is a quality SSD for your PS5 from a reliable drive maker that we have no problem recommending.

"PS5 SSD" .. getting the best in 2021

OWC Envoy Pro Elektron

An underrated, fast, and tiny SSD 

Excellent speeds, Great design, USB versatile

OWC has quietly gone about its business of making neat little hard drives in recent times, and the Envoy Pro Electron is no exception to this. It’s a fast SSD that’ll provide you with a reliable connection over USB-C or ‘regular’ USB ports and has a chic aesthetic to go with its small and robust build. That really is it in a nutshell.

A big plus to the Electron is that it is just really neat, small and tidy – I have small hands and it’s smaller than my palm! Which is incredible really, even if it does border on ‘so small I might lose it in my pocket’ size. However, it’s chic aesthetic means it can look slick next to or on top of any gaming machine, and looks can deceive: it’s waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof. Tough.

Importantly, it’s got those beautiful SSD speeds to boot. Testing in both USB ports on a PC, the Electron gave us readings of 469 MB/s read speed, and 462 MB/s write speed. These numbers are solid, but in practical terms they translate to the ability to speedily transfer games and saves between console generations, and as a great place to run games from itself. A neat little package.

"PS5 SSD" .. getting the best in 2021

Silicon Power PC60 Portable SSD

A tiny, light and reliable portable SSD

Great portable design
Robust but light
Reliable enough speeds

Another neat, small, and light option, this underrated little drive from Silicon Power could be a great addition as a PS5 SSD. It too will fit in the palm of your hand, and it might even be small enough to go on a bunch of keys too – well, a big bunch of keys perhaps. Its petite, featherweight design oozes portability so is great for those looking to the future for when we can move around more freely and take our games and data on the go.

Meanwhile, the USB 3.2 connection is fast and neat, and as well as for PS5 or PS4, this is ideal for any device that’ll take it. If you’re looking for a compact PS5 SSD, then this is it.

Silicon Power claims that the speeds can reach impressive levels of up to 540mb/s read and up to 500mb/s write, which would be very excellent. And while our tests (through CrystalDiskMark on the PC) didn’t quite reach those levels thanks to our results of 468mb/s read and 322mb/s write, this is still solid enough for a little PS4 SSD that will happily sit next to or near your console, silently providing you with a quality service. An excellent little PS5 SSD.

Best PS5 SSDS – Internal Options 

Remember the big caveat here: Sony hasn’t revealed its Seal of Approval SSDs yet, so it’s not guaranteed that your best bets are on internal PS5 SSDs. On the other hand, they are the most likely candidates if you are very keen on adding one to your arsenal.

"PS5 SSD" .. getting the best in 2021

WD Black SN850 1TB

One of the very best NV Me internal SSD options around  

It was briefly said that the SSD’s great performance is fully compatible with the PS5
This is probably the best option if you really have to buy an internal PS5 SSD at the moment. This was the Western Digital model that was briefly mentioned as fully compatible and perfectly suited for the PS5 before this information was pulled from the internet.

But we wouldn’t be surprised if this was really the case when the truth emerged; Its performance is that it has all the hallmarks of a high-quality internal PS5 SSD. Sharing everything that makes the other SN variants of WD great (but, you know, at a higher price), it’s a super drive that might not break the bank.

Using the breakthrough next-generation PC Ie Gen 4 technology, the 1TB model can claim to reach incredible speeds of up to 7000MB / s and write speeds of up to 5300MB / s. I told you, that’s ridiculous. The 500GB model is often a nice price as well, but you can top it up with the 2 TB model to make sure you’re covered for the life of your PS5.

"PS5 SSD" .. getting the best in 2021

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 

A great PCIe 3.0 PS5 SSD option (hopefully)

Samsung SSD tech, Exquisite performance  

Now, it’s strongly speculated that Samsung SSDs will be very near the top of the pile when it comes to Sony’s much-anticipated approved list. And if we had to guess, then the 970 EVO Plus would be the top pick of the Samsung bunch.

Without stepping up to the PCIe 4.0 gen level, this PCIe 3.0 drive is a brilliant one to consider as Samsung’s gusto and performance is hard to beat.  The 500GB variant is still the most attractive due to its price point, perhaps, but the 1TB version will continue to drop in price.

This is a PS5 SSD that will become even more attractive when PCIe 4.0 Gen drives are the new norm – it’ll just mean the still-very-excellent PCIe 3.0 drives will be incredibly affordable and still offer awesome performance.

"PS5 SSD" .. getting the best in 2021

Crucial P1

Solid performance, price, and capacity 

Constant speeds

The Crucial P1 is one of the best PCIe 3.0 SSDs that can prove to be a very efficient companion for you and your PS5 setup. The main draw of the Crucial P1 is value to performance factor. In short, it might not be quite as amazing at its speed as the Western Digital and Samsung picks above, but for the price, you’ll get a great drive that will still deliver capacity on a very important and reputable Solid State Drive (SSD).

Given the cost, this would also be a great purchase to go for an inexpensive gaming PC if you are on a tight budget for that or need something cheap as a backup. And this might be a really good selling point: If you’re desperate to gamble on a PS5 SSD at relatively low cost, and have a backup plan to use it elsewhere if needed, that’s a good little drive.

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