The “ROUTER” department performs a complete and continuous follow-up throughout the day to monitor what’s new for all routers and new updates. The device is used in computer networks to route data packets between them. the device control the traffic of data in the Internet. Packets in the network are transferred from to router, from its source until it reaches its destination.

About the router
About the device The device connects two or more networks, and communicates directly with each network through one of its ports, and each network has its own address space, and the port of the device hosts one of the network addresses, when one ofthe deviceĀ  ports receives

the data packet, it reads the information in the head of the packet, specifically the destination address , Then looks for a match in its routing table, or according to the specified device policy, the router then has to decide to route the packet to its destination, and depending on its location on the packet path, it determines its path to a suitable neighboring network or the next suitable router, Or take him to his final destination.

It is a network device that consists of a group of hardware and software used to connect two or more sub-networks by wired and wireless signals, and is used in a wide network such as the Internet. The router operates in the network layer which is the third layer called OSI (Open System Interconnection) Where to find the best path To send data.

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