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Input and input devices,   Output and output devices Display and graphic output devices.

A computer is an electronic machine that has the ability to receive and process data in the form of valuable information.

It also stores them in various storage media, and is often able to share these results and information with other compatible devices.

The fastest computers today are capable of performing hundreds of billions of mathematical and logical operations in a matter of seconds. Computers run special programs called operating systems, without which a computer is a static piece.

Computer operating systems explain how tasks are performed and often provide an environment for programmers to develop, their applications on. This definition explains a common mistake people make that only computers operate in Windows, Macintosh, and Linux environments.

There are many types of computers in terms of their operation, size, and speed.

The first electronic computers were the size, of a large room and consumed similar power, to what today consumed a few hundred personal computers. Recent years have also seen the costs of the hard infrastructure industry decline to the point that personal computers have become a popular commodity.

Computer applications have expanded in various fields and devices nowadays, which led to the creation of the smart watch,

Electronic navigation systems have been widely applied by GPS, and its programs and devices have become accessible to all


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